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Welcome to my Website for the 2014 Planting Season!

I haven't had time to update this site yet for 2014, but you can go see my newest listings, and former ones, at Only varieties with photos are on that website, there are more are available from me, and I will try to get those posted here as soon as I can. I am also listed in the Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook.

lifesize saladette tomatoes
Ripe Pink Saladette tomatoes, about life size.

IMPORTANT: I reply to email inquiries promptly, usually within an hour. Rarely, up to 2 days, if I'm out of town. If you don't hear back from me, check your email for problems, full mailbox,  or look for my reply in your spam folder.

This is the home of Lezlie's Saladette Tomatoes. I offer heirloom tomato seeds for many varieties. I am a breeder/discoverer of a number of new tomato varieties that I have been working on for 12 years, all bred for fresh eating and salad use. I also grow non-tomato heirloom vegetable varieties and offer some of those seeds for sale as well. Please browse my pages and enjoy my photos and information. Most of my seeds are grown without chemicals, in the organic manner.

My garden space is 6,000 square feet of southern exposure, gently sloped, excellent Iowa Loess-based soil that has been fertilized with rotted dairy manure for 5 years now. The one good thing about having a big open space is that you can hire large farm equipment to do the heavy work very quickly. I have my garden manured in the Fall, and then ripped/plowed and it's left to freeze and thaw over the Winter, and then I till in early April. My soil is healthy, of fine tilth, and contains lots of worms, even with tilling. My garden is also home to many toads and large garden spiders, all signs of a healthy ecosystem. I try to garden with nature instead of against it...

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CyberNiche Software has seed inventory and planting software at a very low price. I use it and love it! Try it today!



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